Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update on Annalise

Annalise had her surgery on Monday (9/3) and has been doing very well since then. As you can see from the pictures that we have been posting she is now breathing on her own, is off all of her medications, and looks much cuter becasue she isn't as swollen anymore. We also posted a short video clip of her on the video portion of the site, so check that out. She is having a chest x-ray this morning, and if everything looks good, they are planning to take her chest tube out today. That means the only thing that she will still be hooked up to is the IV in her leg that provides her nutrients. We started feeding her by her mouth yesterday, so if she tolerates that well, they will increase the amount she gets fed and continue to decrease the iv nutrition. They still won't give us any kind of timetable for when we will be able to bring her home, but she is doing really well, and progressing every day. There aren't too many more milestones for her to reach before she's ready to leave! We thank you all for you support and prayers.

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