Monday, April 28, 2008

Randy Fam updates.......

So it looks like no one has taken the time to post anything in a long time, so I will just have to update everyone on some of the stott family news/gossip...........

Well first off Steven and Ellie are having a baby girl I think in October. They have not told me the due date, but I know it is somewhere around there. When Tyler heard that there was going to be another girl in the family he said: " Another one, oh man I will have to take care of four girls now." So obviously he is so excited to have another girl cousin.

Then that is not all for babies.....Brandon and Heather are right behind with their baby coming in November (which I also don't know the due date for), but they are so excited to have a baby on the way. Unfortunately Heather has not been feeling too hot so far with her pregnancy, but I am sure it will get better. They took three pregnancy tests to make sure it was for real.....and guess what....... it is for real.

Well on from babies to weddings....So Matt had gone back out on his mission, this time to Sacramento where he ran into a lot of old family friends. Unfortunately he did not have any better luck with his knee and he was sent back home last Monday (this time for good.) So despite all the chaos he and Lauren have moved on from the shock of him coming home from his mission to planning a wedding. They took some gorgeous pictures this last week for their invitations. The plan is to have their sealing on August the 15th at the Logan Temple and the reception the following day. We are very excited for them and also happy that we don't have to edit Lauren out of our family picture. They are planning on attending BYU and living in Utah like everybody else.

As for those of us who don't live in Utah.....

Corinn and JC are settled in Hot Austin,Texas and the kids are only getting bigger. Tyler is almost done with his first year of school and started losing his teeth, you can watch his video here:, when they tied his tooth to a piece of string and a doorknob....well you know the rest. Then Samantha just turned four and is getting more independent every day. Caitlin spends most of her time getting into trouble and singing Old McDonald (but the only part that is understandable is e-i-e-i-o. ) JC is at working at Cabellas and loving it,while Corinn has continued her work with Light speed research.

Kelsey and Kevin are still in Philly and enjoying the beautiful spring blooms. Annalise just turned 8 months old and started getting her first tooth last week. She already has two coming in on the bottom and the top ones don't look far behind. Kelsey is working a few hours a week and Kevin is preparing himself to go back to school. He took the GMAT on friday and is now trying to decide where to apply to a good MBA program.
Then of course momma and poppa stott (Randy and Jolene) are settling into their new place in Cincinnati, Ohio (well technically they are in Kentucky, but they are only 10 minutes from the Cincinnati airport.) Dad has been keeping busy flying back and forth from Europe (Germany and France) while mom has been making visits to see Annalise in Philly and trying to unpack the house.
Well that is all of the gossip/news for now. I hope everyone is doing well.....and feel free to update us with what you are doing and comment on the posts.
We love you all and hope to see you at the next wedding!

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