Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 15!


Where did the time go?

So school started for Kevin, Annalise started preschool, and I started doing music classes again. Which equals me not posting or keeping track of weights very well. I am sorry for not being more on top of things, but I hope you have kept your goal in focus as we come closer to winter, which equals Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (Candy, food and more food.) 

The last time I charted everybody's weight was week 9. And since week nine most of us have either gained weight, or stayed the same, except for the super Slaters!

JC is now down to 241....that is a weight loss of 30 pounds!! Go J.C.! That is so awesome.....and I asked him his secret, because I am getting desperate after 10 weeks of staying the same. So his advice is to drink lots of water, and be too poor to buy food! So there you go. The secret to losing weight!!! Corinn is also down 9 pounds, and  Heather was down 8 pounds from her last report. Which means a few of us are doing an awesome job!!

As a family we have lost 75 pounds...that is almost a whole person!

So there are our first, second and third place overall for the first three months of our weight loss challenge.

1st Place ~ JC
2nd Place ~ Corinn
3rd Place ~ Heather 

I also asked everyone to run another two miles this week, so we could compare your time from week 2 when we started. Unfortunately, even I didn't get to run this week, with two kids sick and a husband who is at school most of the just didn't happen. I know Brandon and Heather moved this week, Matt had a ton of exams and quizzes ( and apparently was in London and desperate for money?). So it has kind of been a crazy week for most of us. So I will have to say congratulations to Kevin for having the biggest improvement in his 2 mile time....Yay!

There he is now....taking a run in the water:

Okay, maybe that is not him....but that is totally what he feels like with his new two mile time.
He is the only one who was able to run his two miles this week with an original time of 17: 34, and current time of 15: 18!
Way to go Kev!

Well Thanksgiving is around the keep your weight loss goals in mind
(but still make a little room for some pumpkin pie.)

p.s ~ Here is the chart for week 15, I also attached it to the email! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 8

Fall has come upon us. School has begun, the air is getting cooler, and the leaves are beginning to fall. And if you are a member of the Stott family, football season has also begun!

I know with the summer ending it makes it even harder to get out running, playing, and staying healthy. However, I am hoping to keep you all motivated with a little stay tuned for the end of this post.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I put out a challenge for everyone to find a new family activity to do together....and I hope you all found something fun to do! As for us we decided to take up soccer. There are some members of our ward who get together once a week to play soccer, so we have joined them, and it was great to do something new.
Eric (Kevin's brother), even joined us one week, it was pretty great. Now, you may be thinking soccer, that is a lot of running......but don't you worry, I mostly played goalie while Kevin did the running.

So what did you all do that was fun?

I know that Corinn's family (and ours), also got to go on a couple of hikes last week (if you can call it a hike with five kids, three of which were being carried most of the time. I told Jonah to get down and walk but he just wouldn't listen.)

Well, back to weight loss. As a family we have lost, drumroll please...........
over 53 pounds!!

Yay Family!!! I think we have been doing great, but it is easy to get motivated to lose weight/get in shape for a month or so. Keeping up with it every day of every week, that is when it gets hard. So I know it is not much, but this week there is a prize for the person who has lost the most weight (and reports their weight to me for two consecutive weeks....on time!)

I have a $15 gift card to Walmart for the "skinny person award" of the week. Now I am not gauging this by pounds, rather, I am going to be measuring the percentage of weight lost (to make it as fair as possible.) 

Next week I would like to also have another incentive (possibly another gift card, so if you save the prizes they could really add up.)

Here is the link for the results for this week.....honestly Brandon, Heather and Dad have been the only ones who have consistently reported their weights, so it is hard to tell how accurate these all are. Here is week 8, and if you weight is wrong.......change it yourself, or report to me earlier than midnight on Sunday EST.

Keep up the good work, and then someday we can grow old together, and go on hikes with our own grandkids who may need a little extra lifting now and then.


As for all you Utahns out there, Mom, Jonah and I will be coming out next week for Tamera's wedding, so see you then!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 4

So I have not received very many reports this week on everybody's current weight, but here is what I have......
I hope you all are still working on your family activities for this week.....can't wait to hear about it!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 3

Alright family!!!

Most have continued to lose weight (except for me whew bad week), and JC is kickin our butts, but Heather has won for this week, Yay!

I have added more stats for all of you nerds out there (like Kevin), who enjoy such things, including total family weight lost!


For this week I am issuing another challenge. I would like everyone to find a new family sport/activity to do together. Maybe tennis, frisbee, hiking, soccer, cricket....whatever you would like. You have two weeks to do it, and then feel free to write up what you did on the blog!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 2

This week was tough for some, as dad struggled with being sick, mom came to visit those who are east of Utah, and others are super busy. But all in all looks like most people did well.

Many of us ran two miles and timed our speedy legs, and we shall see in a couple of months if we can improve on that!

Keep up the good work family!

weight loss challenge week 2

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stott Family Weight Loss Challenge Week 1

The results for this week were great. I hope you all are pleased with yourselves!
Keep up the good work!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Randy Fam updates.......

So it looks like no one has taken the time to post anything in a long time, so I will just have to update everyone on some of the stott family news/gossip...........

Well first off Steven and Ellie are having a baby girl I think in October. They have not told me the due date, but I know it is somewhere around there. When Tyler heard that there was going to be another girl in the family he said: " Another one, oh man I will have to take care of four girls now." So obviously he is so excited to have another girl cousin.

Then that is not all for babies.....Brandon and Heather are right behind with their baby coming in November (which I also don't know the due date for), but they are so excited to have a baby on the way. Unfortunately Heather has not been feeling too hot so far with her pregnancy, but I am sure it will get better. They took three pregnancy tests to make sure it was for real.....and guess what....... it is for real.

Well on from babies to weddings....So Matt had gone back out on his mission, this time to Sacramento where he ran into a lot of old family friends. Unfortunately he did not have any better luck with his knee and he was sent back home last Monday (this time for good.) So despite all the chaos he and Lauren have moved on from the shock of him coming home from his mission to planning a wedding. They took some gorgeous pictures this last week for their invitations. The plan is to have their sealing on August the 15th at the Logan Temple and the reception the following day. We are very excited for them and also happy that we don't have to edit Lauren out of our family picture. They are planning on attending BYU and living in Utah like everybody else.

As for those of us who don't live in Utah.....

Corinn and JC are settled in Hot Austin,Texas and the kids are only getting bigger. Tyler is almost done with his first year of school and started losing his teeth, you can watch his video here:, when they tied his tooth to a piece of string and a doorknob....well you know the rest. Then Samantha just turned four and is getting more independent every day. Caitlin spends most of her time getting into trouble and singing Old McDonald (but the only part that is understandable is e-i-e-i-o. ) JC is at working at Cabellas and loving it,while Corinn has continued her work with Light speed research.

Kelsey and Kevin are still in Philly and enjoying the beautiful spring blooms. Annalise just turned 8 months old and started getting her first tooth last week. She already has two coming in on the bottom and the top ones don't look far behind. Kelsey is working a few hours a week and Kevin is preparing himself to go back to school. He took the GMAT on friday and is now trying to decide where to apply to a good MBA program.
Then of course momma and poppa stott (Randy and Jolene) are settling into their new place in Cincinnati, Ohio (well technically they are in Kentucky, but they are only 10 minutes from the Cincinnati airport.) Dad has been keeping busy flying back and forth from Europe (Germany and France) while mom has been making visits to see Annalise in Philly and trying to unpack the house.
Well that is all of the gossip/news for now. I hope everyone is doing well.....and feel free to update us with what you are doing and comment on the posts.
We love you all and hope to see you at the next wedding!