Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 15!


Where did the time go?

So school started for Kevin, Annalise started preschool, and I started doing music classes again. Which equals me not posting or keeping track of weights very well. I am sorry for not being more on top of things, but I hope you have kept your goal in focus as we come closer to winter, which equals Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (Candy, food and more food.) 

The last time I charted everybody's weight was week 9. And since week nine most of us have either gained weight, or stayed the same, except for the super Slaters!

JC is now down to 241....that is a weight loss of 30 pounds!! Go J.C.! That is so awesome.....and I asked him his secret, because I am getting desperate after 10 weeks of staying the same. So his advice is to drink lots of water, and be too poor to buy food! So there you go. The secret to losing weight!!! Corinn is also down 9 pounds, and  Heather was down 8 pounds from her last report. Which means a few of us are doing an awesome job!!

As a family we have lost 75 pounds...that is almost a whole person!

So there are our first, second and third place overall for the first three months of our weight loss challenge.

1st Place ~ JC
2nd Place ~ Corinn
3rd Place ~ Heather 

I also asked everyone to run another two miles this week, so we could compare your time from week 2 when we started. Unfortunately, even I didn't get to run this week, with two kids sick and a husband who is at school most of the just didn't happen. I know Brandon and Heather moved this week, Matt had a ton of exams and quizzes ( and apparently was in London and desperate for money?). So it has kind of been a crazy week for most of us. So I will have to say congratulations to Kevin for having the biggest improvement in his 2 mile time....Yay!

There he is now....taking a run in the water:

Okay, maybe that is not him....but that is totally what he feels like with his new two mile time.
He is the only one who was able to run his two miles this week with an original time of 17: 34, and current time of 15: 18!
Way to go Kev!

Well Thanksgiving is around the keep your weight loss goals in mind
(but still make a little room for some pumpkin pie.)

p.s ~ Here is the chart for week 15, I also attached it to the email! 

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